What exactly is woke?

In his new book Dare To Speak! author Mark Hamilton comprehensively answers the question ‘What is woke?” and explains why woke culture should be of interest to everyone. A must read for any freedom-loving  wishing to understand our fast-changing culture.  Advance orders now by emailing admin@sowhat.ie

Cover text:

All public spaces have become intensely politicised in recent years whereas paradoxically, everywhere, serious conversations are seriously off the agenda.

Why are we not talking openly to each other? Why do we self-censor? Why is it that, despite the ever-increasing channels of communication, we are increasingly wary of others’ viewpoints? Where has truth gone? Could there really so much hate around? Has ‘liberal’ society reached the end of the road?

In this intense dialogue seeking to uncover the causes of our silence two participants slug it out, exploring age-old ideas of truth, freedom, morality, conscience, rights and religion while seeking to understand how these operate in our modern, secular woke culture. What the conversations uncover is far from pleasant: anxiety, fear, intolerance, hatred and totalitarianism abound.

What fiends stalk social media and the corridors of colleges, workplaces, and cultural venues, enforcing harmful conformity? Where are the freedoms that the hippy baby-boomers once sang for? What can Christianity offer by way of its understanding of who we are? Can the system be reset so that we can continue on the road to freedom?

Dare To Speak’s thought-provoking dialogue unearths an overgrown, but previously well-trodden, certain track through our cultural jungle.

President Zelenskiy’s surprising courage in the face of the Russian bear has provided momentary relief and sense of purpose to a Western society at a loss at what to do with itself. Dare to Speak argues that what the West urgently needs is exit counselling from woke culture. This book seeks to provide that for young people who really care about the future of our world.