The Gospels Are History – So What?

Mark Hamilton

The Gospels Are History – So What?

This heart-warming story of inter-generational friendship between John, a nursing-home resident, and Peter, an independent-minded Gen Zer, brings the Gospels alive for Peter and his generation.

The first Covid lockdown left Peter with some unfinished business. Now, the following spring, the hand of fate intervenes placing him face to face again with his old mentor, discussing the most important facts in human history. John seeks to bring Peter a step beyond rational belief in God to show him how to get to know Jesus Christ through the Gospels.

Peter learns that being a Christian is not some high-minded ideal but rather an encounter with a person who is both in history and beyond history, who gives life a new and fuller meaning, who extends everyone’s horizons.

John’s fading health also becomes a backdrop to conversations on the limits of science and of the post-millennial culture, and on the value of the Christian spirit being lived on a personal and institutional level.

The Gospels are a portal onto the frontiers of this world – in time and in eternity – through which Peter acquires a theory of everything. John shows Peter that the ultimate interpretive key for the Gospels is prayer



Launched December 2021.

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