Modern society has relegated God to the dressing room.
He is not wanted on the pitch.
Society then forgets that He exists.
‘So What’ reminds us of why, individually and collectively, we need Him.

Launch 23 September 2021 – available now

Our School Is Catholic – So What?

by Mark Hamilton

– an exploration of what makes a school Catholic, with answers to all the current challenges to Catholic identity facing Ireland’s primary and secondary schools



Mark Hamilton


answers to the challenges facing Irish Catholic education

Irish Catholic schools are under increasing pressure to conform to the norms of a secular liberal society and are unsure how to secure their identity. This book looks at what constitutes Catholic education and how a school can safeguard it in the face of secular opposition. It argues that Catholic education is a necessary requisite to maintain democratic freedoms.

A must-read for boards of management, parents and teachers desirous of securing authentic Catholic education in their schools

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