Modern society has relegated God to the dressing room.
He is not wanted on the pitch.
Society then forgets that He exists.
‘So What’ reminds us of why, individually and collectively, we need Him.

Have a thought-filled Christmas!

NEW, OUT NOW: The Gospels Are History – So What?

   by Mark Hamilton

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The Gospels Are History – So What?

Mark Hamilton


Keenly aware of the religious wisdom he has accumulated during his life, John seeks to alert his young mentee and friend, Peter, to the riches contained in the Gospels. The inter-generational exchanges between John and Peter centre on the Gospels as being authentic historical sources in accessing the person and message of Jesus Christ.

The personal exchanges range across many current themes such as Christian and secular worldviews, the role of science in modern society, the free expression of ideas, understandings of freedom in a Gen Z society, the impact of sin on humankind and on individuals, what love is, and the responsibilities of Christians today.

This read will help many appreciate that there is much more to life than the Premiership and the All-Ireland!

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