Modern society has relegated God to the dressing room.
He is not wanted on the pitch.
Society then forgets that He exists.
‘So What’ reminds us of why, individually and collectively, we need Him.

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Dare To Speak!

rescuing freedom from a woke culture

   by Mark Hamilton

What is woke culture? How is it changing our world? Does one need antidotes to survive, and if so, what are they? A thorough analysis which leaves no stone unturned. 240 pp. A must read for every Gen Zer. Now available to BUY. See FORUM for more details on content.


Dare to Speak!

Mark Hamilton

DARE TO SPEAK! – Rescuing freedom from a woke culture

With freedom of expression under constant threat in western society, one cannot underestimate the dangers of woke culture.

In this intense dialogue seeking to uncover the causes of our modern tendency to silence, two participants slug it out, exploring age-old ideas of truth, freedom, morality, conscience, rights and
religion while seeking to understand how these operate in secular woke culture. What the conversations uncover is far from pleasant.

As the author warns us: ‘Ideas have consequences, including bad ideas, while ideas that are untested – due to the silencing of opposing voices – may produce the worst consequences of all.’

Dare to Speak argues that what the West urgently needs is exit counselling from woke culture. This book seeks to provide that for young people who really care about
the future of our world.

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