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Heaven Awaits – So What

by Mark Hamilton

The final book in the So What trilogy in which our young students explore what heaven is all about.





Mark Hamilton

Heaven Awaits – So What? All you need to know about heaven but didn’t know where to look!

Although deeply exercised about all our needs in this present life, curiosity about eternity appears to be at a low ebb. Many Christians adopt a secularist public pose of disinterestedness. Accepting of modernist cultural wisdom, they have no awareness of their capacity to shape their eternity. Reflections on or about heaven are private affairs.

Undeterred by his God-absent surroundings, Peter sets out on the trail of heaven. The tragic death of a college acquaintance has put the question centre stage and Peter finds himself unprepared. Although well versed in faith matters – thanks to the efforts of his recently deceased mentor, John – Peter recognises his inadequacy in answering fundamental questions as to what heaven is, or where it might be.

His friend Mark accompanies him in his search, and both young men receive surprising stimuli on their trail of heaven. Their search finally directs us, the readers, to uncover some Rules of Eternal Life, the ultimate antidote to chaos.

How will we spend eternity? Heaven Awaits – So What?  seeks to show what is ahead of us all and points out the most desirable path to get there.

This is the final book in the So What trilogy.

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