Mark Hamilton

Heaven Awaits – So What?

Heaven Awaits – So What? is the final book in the So What? trilogy, which follows the story of an Irish college student, Peter, who, for the first time in his life, begins to properly explore the mysteries of God.

Peter uncovered convincing answers to his own sense of incompleteness in life when he met John during the first Covid-pandemic lockdown. That story is recounted in God Exists – So What? In assisting Peter sort out the wheat from the chaff of his own existence, his elderly neighbour, John, patiently uncovers many indicators in life that point to God’s existence

Fired up with his new awareness of the world, Peter later has occasion to meet his old mentor in a different setting. John’s fading health has led him to be confined to a nursing home. Peter’s visits there, as recounted in The Gospels are History – So What?, are occasions for John to stress the importance of knowing and understanding the life of Jesus Christ. Peter learns that being a Christian is not some theoretical exercise or a high-minded ideal but rather an encounter with a person who is both in history and beyond history, who gives life a new and fuller meaning, who extends everyone’s horizons.

The story does not end with John’s passing. As Peter slowly puts into practice his revitalised Christian commitment, he is confronted by a tragic suicide of a college acquaintance. He finds himself unable to answer simple enquiries as to what heaven is like. This sets him, accompanied by his college friend Mark, on a research mission which is the focus of Heaven Awaits – So What?

The So What? trilogy culminates in providing readers with some helpful Rules for Eternal Life, the ultimate antidote to chaos, and a spiritual parallel to Jordan Peterson’s character-building Twelve Rules for Life.


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