The Gospels Are History – Introduction and Contents Page


‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ Isaac Newton’s famous reflection testifies to our great dependence on previous generations. Keenly aware of the religious wisdom he has accumulated during his life, John seeks to alert his young mentee and friend, Peter, to the riches contained in the Gospels. The inter-generational exchanges between John and Peter centre on the Gospels as being authentic historical sources in accessing the person and message of Jesus Christ.

The conversations and supporting letters are set against a backdrop of contrasting cultures that are currently evidenced in the Ireland of today. The resulting personal exchanges range across other themes such as Christian and secular worldviews, the role of science in modern society, the free expression of ideas, understandings of freedom in a Gen Z society, the impact of sin on humankind and on individuals, what love is, and the responsibilities of Christians today. More mundane matters – including the scarcity of public toilets – also get a look in.

The lively discussions contrast with the impoverishment of those who reduce religion to a set of outdated rules. Peter and John show young people that there is much more to life than the Premiership and the All-Ireland.

Mark Hamilton

CONTENTS (164 pg)


1                      A lingering regret

2                      Memory Lane

3                      A kidnapping ordeal

4                      Time waits for no one

5                      Knowing what’s going on

6                      Eyewitness testimony

7                      Neither liar nor lunatic

8                      Who am I?

9                      Why go so far?

10                     The conscientious doctor

11                     Playing a part in the Gospel

12                     The Old gives way to the New

13                     Nomads across time

14                     Respecting freedom

15                     Understanding love

16                     The rich young man

17                     Recovery

18                     The danger ahead

19                     Saying meaningful things

20                     Recognising heroes

21                     When the Gospels are not read

22                     Taking the knee

23                     Knowing the mind of God

24                     An unexpected invitation

Appendix            Key pointers on reading Sacred Scripture             153