What did Newman think of his contemporary Darwin?

Some people think that Catholicism had issues with evolution. Well Charles Darwin and John Henry Newman were contemporaries……

‘Evolution is still presented today as if it were a major setback for all of Christianity, as evolution appears to contradict the message of the Bible about Creation. However, John Henry Newman, a Catholic convert, and later to be canonised as a Catholic saint, had no problem with his contemporary Charles Darwin’s ideas or with evolution per se.

According to Newman ‘It does not seem to me to follow that creation is denied because the Creator, millions of years ago, gave laws to matter. He first created matter and then he created laws for it — laws which should construct it into its present wonderful beauty, and accurate adjustment and harmony of parts gradually.’

Newman was expressing a view supported by 2nd and 3rd-century Christian understandings of biblical interpretation as discussed in the philosophical schools of those times – that the Bible, and in particular, the Book of Genesis, did not set out to be a historical or factual account of creation, and therefore should not be seen as such.’

  • from God Exists – So What? – out now!