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A comprehensive review of the challenges facing Catholic schools and of how to address these. A worthwhile study, with practical implementable actions, for all interested in the future of Catholic education in Ireland. Order now from this website.



Section 1 – Setting the scene 

1. Aspects of the Irish educational landscape
2. Light and shade – as seen through Catholic eyes

Section 2 – The difference a God makes
3. Understanding the Catholic-Christian worldview
4. Secularist worldviews
5. Contrasting and competing
6. The impact of the secular outlook on education

Section 3 – The added value of Catholicism  
7. What Catholic-Christianity contributes to modern society
8. How a Catholic education prepares a student for life
9. What constitutes a Catholic ethos in schooling?

Section 4 – Catholic education: making it happen 
10. Helping your school to be Catholic
11. Are Catholic schools doing anything wrong?
12. Academic standards
13. The building blocks of character
14. Curriculum: what’s on the menu
15. Educating in prayer life
16. The school as a professional arena

Section 5 – Current challenges to school ethos 
17. The new Framework for Primary Schools
18. Relationships and Sexuality Education
19. Wellbeing
20. ERB and Ethics programmes
21. When education becomes political

Section 6 – Appreciating how Catholic education is different
22. Similar language, different identities
23. Facing up to the political landscape

Appendix 1 Implementing character education in schools
Appendix 2 Developing and maintaining a Catholic standard