A forever love?

As there is no other known particle into which an electron can break down or decay, it is believed that its lifetime is infinite!

Yet even measured against that timescale, God’s love for us is more enduring. You might even say it is a more fundamental constituent of who we are. We are creatures of God’s love and so we have an eternal future before us. The reassurance provided by this constant, forever love motivates the Christian to gratefully respond by carrying out the task entrusted to him or her by God. That task is one of co-creation, that is, to contribute to the ongoing creation of this world which we love…


God could never leave his Creation – he loves it too much for that to happen. His joy is in being with it, and with us. He walks alongside it so that we can enjoy it as fully as he intended, despite all the imperfections which will result from using our gift of freedom. We are his children, and he is the ever-present father, but invisible to us unless we freely choose to make him visible to ourselves. And when we do that, everything changes….

(Extracts from God Exists – So What?)